Welcome To Lehman, Lee & Xu Mongolia

Lehman, Lee & Xu Mongolia is one of the first and only international law firms with a full time presence in Mongolia.  Our Ulaanbaatar office is staffed with resident foreign legal consultants having significant experience in Mongolia and qualified Mongolian attorneys.  With 31 branch affiliated offices throughout greater Asia, associated offices in Europe and the United States and more than 250 lawyers, patent and trademark attorneys and legal assistants providing a full range of legal services to meet the diverse needs of our worldwide clients, Lehman, Lee & Xu is widely regarded as Mongolia’s largest and preeminent law firm.

The firm’s foreign legal consultants and local attorneys are fully acquainted and experienced with Mongolia’s laws and legal system, business climate and political affairs.  The firm’s Mongolian attorneys have graduated from Mongolia’s leading law school with distinguished performance and many of the firms Mongolian attorneys have training overseas and are fluent in English and Russian.  Attorneys from our China offices are readily available to serve the needs of our Chinese speaking clients.

Lehman, Lee & Xu Mongolia represents many of the world’s most successful multinational corporations and minerals industry giants, as well as small to medium-enterprises, financial institutions, non-government organizations, religious organizations, start-ups, and foreign missions in all aspects of their Mongolia enterprise; commencing from establishment, structuring and governance to operations and closure.  We are often involved in sophisticated corporate and financial transactions and complex dispute resolution proceedings.


Mongolia Strengthens Efforts to Prevent and Combat Trafficking in Persons

(Source: www.asiafoundation.org) Mongolia is no stranger to the scourge of human trafficking that takes place within Asia and beyond. As a source, transit, and destination for victims of human trafficking, Mongolia remains a Tier 2 country on the U.S. Department of State’s annual Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report, which reported that Mongolia “does not fully comply with …

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Mongolian Parliament Adopts new Investment Law

Mongolian Parliament Adopts new Investment Law Last week, the Mongolian Parliament adopted the long-anticipated “Investment Law” which replaces the former regime in place for foreign investors operating in Mongolia. In the same act of Parliament, the former “Foreign Investment Law” and “Strategic Entities Foreign Investment Law” (“SEFIL”) were both repealed. The SEFIL in particular had …

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Photo of the President

Lehman, Lee and Xu Mongolia have been invited to attend the first assembly of lawyers, 06-08 September 2013

The Law on Legal Status of Lawyers, passed by the Parliament within the framework of the Judicial Legal Reform initiated by the President of Mongolia, has come into force. This law provides that the new Lawyers’ Association shall be a professional self-governed body responsible for approving and enforcing the professional standards of lawyers. The Lawyers’ …

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Investment in Mongolia

Investment in Mongolia: the role of arbitration   One of the primary concerns of foreign businesses operating in Mongolia is ensuring that their investments are protected. There are two layers of legal protection which are of universal concern to foreign investment firms: 1) protection against expropriation by the State, and 2) ensuring legal recourse is …

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